Friday Night Lights (out)

I’ve been a slacker.  I haven’t produced a blog post in a while.  One of my New Years resolutions was to write more.  I always felt that the more you read the better reader you will become, and the same goes for writing.  About a year ago I came pretty close to closing my blog down and putting the whole writing thing behind me, and then I didn’t.  I tried, but I knew deep down inside it wasn’t what I was supposed to do.  I was supposed to “just keep writing.”  Even if it my writing never amounted to anything, … Continue reading Friday Night Lights (out)

The Medically Sophisticated Mother

I’m one and you can be one too for the low, low price of how ever much your sanity means to you!!! I use this term a lot.  It’s basically code for when you walk into an appointment with your medically involved (another code word) child and the doctor, nurse or whom ever you are blessed with that day, recognizes that you know your shit.  You know the medical terminology, the blood work abbreviations, the lay out of the damn hospital….and you may or may not know security and the valet parking people.  It’s an interesting encounter.  Prior to Sam’s … Continue reading The Medically Sophisticated Mother


Screw you 2016.  You’ve been a beast.  Savage.  This year, with so many iconic celebrity deaths, it has forced me to dig deeper into why we morn celebrity deaths.  Today, when Carrie Fisher died, I sincerely felt a piece of my childhood get whisked away along with her.  Yesterday, we took the boys to see Rogue one.  It’s hard for me to explain how exciting it is to see my boys love Star Wars as much as I did and still do.  I even mentioned it to my husband how exciting it is.  At the end of Rogue One (spoiler … Continue reading Hope

Holiday parenting and the lies that come with it~

Who else has become the parent that they swore they would never become during the holidays?  **Raises hand slowly** This shit is not for the faint of heart.  I have lied to my children time and time again since they stripped off their Halloween costumes 6 weeks ago.  I have forced them to play together nicely, without any yelling because jolly ole’ St. Nick is watching.  That’s right ya little brats…he has his eye on you. Despite my children begging me for an elf on the shelf, I have avoided that creep like the plague, and I’m glad I have … Continue reading Holiday parenting and the lies that come with it~

Where’s Chachi?

It’s been a rough seven days.  One week ago tonight we watched as the unthinkable to so many, happened.  Donald Trump became our President Elect, winning a historic and at times really ugly election.  The problem is, it got even uglier after the election was over.  I was looking forward to the gradual decrease of fake news stories, peoples wild and often fanatical (both left and right) rants, and the facebook memes….ok, let me back track…some of them were actually pretty freaking funny.  Full disclosure, I love memes, no matter what the subject.  I digress. Folks, it’s ugly.  Really ugly.  … Continue reading Where’s Chachi?

Setting the Stage

Earlier this week I watched a video a friend had shared on FB.  It was an interview with Scott Hamilton, Olympic figure skater.  Scott said something that has resonated with me since viewing that video.  During the interview he spoke of his battle with brain cancer and other hardships in his life.  He stated that it is how you react to obstacles that are thrown at you that sets the stage for whatever you are faced with in life.  I watched it twice because I was so captivated by his attitude. Ironically, I started to think about my upcoming wedding … Continue reading Setting the Stage

Onward Sweet Sam

I generally like to write a letter to Sam on his birthday each year.  My hope is that one day he will want to read my blog, and if not, I’m fine with that.  The weeks leading up to this birthday have been interesting.  Sam has asked numerous questions that have all forced me to step back and think about how to answer them when all I really wanted to do was tell him to ask me at another time.  I always knew that he would get to an age where he would ask me about his cancer and everything … Continue reading Onward Sweet Sam


Maybe it’s the binky in his mouth, or the tubes, or the nurses accessing his port.  It could be that he has the same diagnosis Sam had.  Maybe it’s because he is the same age Sam was, or it could be  him walking through the hall with an IV pole right next to him.  I don’t know.  I have the same pictures and videos of my son that Chriss Angel has of his son.  It also could be the mom sitting in the middle of a desert getting her hair shaved with a picture of her beautiful daughter whom I am going to assume … Continue reading Twisted

The life of a travelers wife

My husband travels.  He travels a lot.  After a promotion  at work recently, he is gone half the month and home, working in his office in the basement the other half.  This summer we got lucky and he was home a good portion of the time.  I usually have things under control when he’s gone, but this past week, while my other half was in a different time zone, the shit hit the proverbial fan.  Do you smell it? No?  Well you must not have a husband that travels.  You see, it takes a special breed to be the spouse of a … Continue reading The life of a travelers wife

It’s bigger than us

I’m just going to put it all out there.  I tried writing a more toned down blog post, but it wasn’t me.  It wasn’t who I am.  It was too…..”boring.”  Let me cut to the chase here friends.  I had an interesting encounter with an interesting woman today.  If you aren’t aware of the Cancer Moonshot initiative, take a look here.  I was lucky enough to be on the local panel today, representing the foundation that I work for.  If you don’t know about PCFLV, please check us out here.  The focus of the panel today was to discuss, on … Continue reading It’s bigger than us